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Let’s Take About It podcast: Katie Hankins (Jan. 30, 2020)

On this episode of Let’s Take About It, Aaron, Kilgore and Jordan welcome on former W.F. West, Lower Columbia, and Canadian basketball star Katie Hankins to talk about her time at W.F. West and her current gig as an assistant women’s basketball coach at Centralia College. We are sponsored by Home Carpet Warehouse, The Power Shop, and Timberland Bank.

1:00 – Some weird regular intro stuff

2:00 Jordan slept on Pete’s couch for one day

8:00 Nick Bamer guest stars for one minute

12:00 Winlock: Good?

13:00 C2BL boys standings

15:00 C2BL boys MVP watch

16:00 C2BL girls standings

20:00 EvCo girls basketball

23:00 EvCo boys basketball

24:00 What makes a shootout? Not a 45-34 game

27:30 How many points make for a ceremony?

28:30 C2BL Hot Takes (twitter) is a coward

29:30 Friday Night Lines

34:00 Katie Hankins joins the crew

37:00 Kilgore tries to shave

40:00 Ya Boy Tristan is still our boy

47:00 Hankins’ learns the metric system (Canada)

52:00 Mono: You can get it twice

59:00 Geoduck talk

1:03 Katie goes to Lower Columbia

1:09 Katie joins Caleb Sells at Centralia College

1:14 Yakima adventures

1:20 How does Canadian money work

1:29 Mono part 2

1:35 Who would Katie rather fight

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