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Week 4 Grid Picks: The Explainer

It’s been a while since we’ve rolled out a real Grid Picks Explanation Blog, so here we go with a game-by-game look at the picks and the implications.

Montesano at Rochester: There was a quickly-deleted tweet directed our way on the panel’s unanimous selection of Montesano in this game, and there’s probably reason for that: We’ve been terrible at picking Rochester games this year. However! Montesano (coached by former Forks coach Terry Jensen, people forget that) is ranked 4th in the 1As and preeeeeetty good. Montesano also hasn’t lost to Rochester since 2004, and in that span the Warriors have had … well, a lot of different coaches. Since Bob Wollan left for Pullman in the spring of 2003 (and was never heard from again!), the Warriors have had nine head coaches (deep breath):

1996-2002: Bob Wollan

2003: Russ Vincent

2004: Lem Elway

2005-06: Vince Tarsi

2007-10: Paul Christianson

2011: Tom Griggs

2012: Chris Barnes

2013-15: Eric Snelson

2016: Mark Smith

2017: John Moorhead

(This is the best I could come up with from our archives and MaxPreps’ records. Hopefully John Moorhead will stick around, as the Warriors are off to a solid start.) Anyway, on to the rest of the picks.

Kelso at Centralia: Kelso’s without QB AJ Hoggatt this week, but the Hilanders/Scotties/whatever are solid, and Centralia’s still learning. Pretty bold pick by Schwartz IMO.

WF West at Lake Washington: Walter Jones’ kid (Walterius Jones, great name) plays for Lake Washington. They’re big and look pretty good. It’d be a great win for WF West, but it’s a tough game.

Tenino at Stevenson: The Beavers are giving this whole “play in the Gorge” thing another shot, and my inside source in Skamania County says they’re favored by two TDs.

South Bend at Mossyrock: It’s been a rough year for Mossyrock. I’ll leave it at that.

PWV at Toledo: They’ve both had some tough games early on, but Toledo played Adna closer than PWV did, so I guess that makes them the favorite? I don’t know, the 2Bs have been weird this year. Hard to believe Valley boy Mat Noren took Toledo in this one. DON’T FORGET WHERE YOU’RE FROM, VALLEY BOY.

Chief Leschi at Winlock: The Cards lost this game last year on a last-minute TD or something, and lost the same way last week.

MWP at Rainier: MWP’s schedule has been infinitely tougher than Rainier’s so far, but still, 130-some points scored and none given up? Even playing against barrels in practice, that’s tough to do.

Onalaska at Napavine: If someone had said a month ago that when this game rolled around Onalaska would have a better record I would have laughed, and then looked at the schedule, and then rescinded my laugh. Also, Ony was ranked 6th in the TNT prep rankings/poll, so I immediately screenshotted it, added some clever text and sent it to Maz with a column headline idea (KINGMAKER: MAZEN SAADE’S LOGGERS ARE THE HOTTEST TEAM IN THE 2BS). He was less than thrilled.

Adna at Life Christian: Nice pick, Jordan. Life Christian forfeited so we all got THAT one right.


Nevada at WSU: Nevada lost last week to Idaho State, with Friend of LC Sports Tanner Gueller throwing for 269 yards (nice game dude) for ISU. WSU quarterback Luke Falk is, some would argue, even better than young Jughead, so I think the Cougs are safe here.

Seattle at Tennessee: One time in Hawaii a local at a bar claimed he was buddies with Marcus Mariotta and the entire state loves him, but I think everyone in Hawaii tells this to tourists for some reason. Like if I met someone from the East Coast and claimed me and Ken Griffey Jr are best friends, or I often play golf with Frasier or something.

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