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Tenino Excited to Test Out New Turf

Concrete blocks help Tenino’s new field turf set in on Monday.

ALMOST: Beavers Expect to Practice on New Field This Week
By Matt Baide
Most football fields are green grass with white lines.
There are some exceptions: Eastern Washington University has a red field; Boise State has a blue field. You can now add Tenino High School’s Beaver Stadium to that unique list.
Tenino’s black turf football field is almost complete, with the Beavers expected to start practicing on the field later this week.
Hellas Construction has been installing the new field after putting in new turf at the Kibbie Dome at the University of Idaho. The project came in part through a grant from Hellas, and the summer project also includes upgrades to the grandstands and lighting.
It goes without saying that the Beavers are looking forward to hitting the turf in full uniform for the first time next Friday, when they host rival Rochester in both teams’ season opener.
“I’m way more excited,” senior Guy Murillo said. “We don’t have to run through like a foot of mud anymore. It’s going to be nice slick turf.”
When asked about his preference, Murillo said he still prefers grass fields.
“I think the turf looks better, but I like grass,” Murillo said. “It’s more old-school football. I like it more. It just feels better, but I like the look of that turf.”
Senior quarterback Miles Cannon is also pumped to play on the new field, and is happy about not having to worry about the weather affecting the surface.
“It looks pretty cool. I want it to be done already. It’s taking forever. It’s exciting,” Cannon said. “People say it’s going to melt our cleats, but I don’t think so. We play late at night in October and September and it’s 7 o’clock at night when we play so I don’t think it will be a problem.”
First-year Tenino coach Cary Nagel sees the excitement about the new field from not only the players, but the whole town.
“With the turf being brand new, it’s definitely brought a lot of excitement to the kids, and the town has brought a lot of excitement and the kids are excited to play on it,” Nagel said. “Hopefully it just keeps bringing people out. It’s definitely an exciting time here.”
Nagel thinks it will take opponents a little time to adjust to the field, especially if the Beavers wear black jerseys on the black turf.
“I think it can throw a curveball at some people. I think once teams have played on it once, they’re going to have their ways to go about preparing their team to play on the black turf,” Nagel said. “I think initially, it might be a little bit of a shock for teams, but it’s still football. It’s played on a 100-yard field, no matter if it’s blue, red, black, it doesn’t matter.”
The field will be broken in with practices once the turf installation is completed this week, and the field will see its first game action on Sept. 1.
“I’m very excited to play on that football field,” Cannon said. “Rochester better be ready.”

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