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Weekend Boys Soccer: Rochester Falls to River Ridge, Aberdeen

By The Chronicle

ABERDEEN — The Warriors fell 1-0 to the Bobcats here on Friday in a Evergreen 2A Conference boys soccer matchup before falling 3-1 against River Ridge in a non-league tilt on Saturday.

Miguel Martinez gave Aberdeen the lasting advantage over Rochester on Friday when he punched in a goal in the first half.

“We played really well. Going in, we knew we were playing an Aberdeen team that was in a tie for first in the league. Unfortunately, haven’t won any league games yet but we held our own against them. They had 11 shots. We had 10 shots,” said Rochester coach Matt Ashton. “Dominic Heinrich had a really good game that evening. He saved eight shots on goal. We played really well against a team that’s played well all season so far.”

On Saturday the Warriors lost at home against River Ridge. The Hawks tripled the Warriors scoring output in a game that Ashton characterized as a “competitive game.”

“It was enjoyable to coach and play,” added Ashton.

Rochester (3-8, 0-5) host Black Hills on Tuesday in a EvCo game.

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