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1/30 Basketball Rankings Roundup: Probably the Last One

It’s the last week of the regular season, and more or less the last time to debate these fantastic rankings offerings. Anything else is like arguing spoilers in the third act of a movie, when the murderer’s got a bloody knife in his hand. “Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s the guy!” you say, trying to impress your pals. Anyway, here we go.

Also, check out The Columbian’s aggregate rankings board (girls are here, boys are here), which is basically what I’ve done here but a lot better and with spreadsheets. I’m not a big spreadsheet guy; I prefer to make disorganized lists and try to remember what I was talking about organically.

Evans Rankings


2As: 1 Anacortes, 2 Selah, 3 Lynden, 4 WF West, 5 Columbia River, 10 Mark Morris

Takeaways: W.F. West ahead of CR and MM is about right. MM beat CR the second time they played, and W.F. West beat MM by 15 or so, so the Bearcats are the District 4 favorites right now.

2Bs: 1 St. George’s, 2 Adna, 3 Toledo, 4 LCA, 5 Kittitas, 6 Liberty, 7 Napavine, 9 Toutle Lake, 11 MWP

Takeaways: Is St. George’s good again? They’re undefeated, they’ve got a little size and about three guys scoring in double figures. That’s not a bad mix for a playoff team. They beat Liberty in a close game, so that’s good, I suppose, and they beat NWC, but it seems like NWC’s down a little. Anyway, the C2BL championship should come down to the Wednesday; Adna’s at MWP, and Toutle Lake’s at Toledo. If Adna and Toledo both win, Adna gets the league title thanks to its win over Toledo. (They also both play Friday, but the odds are pretty heavy against either team losing.)

Also, the Twitter “beef” over a video of Junior Arroyo dunking in Cathlamet was pretty funny.

A recap:

“Yeah but he hurt his finger”


“Yes you did”



2As: 1 East Valley Spokane, 2 AT Murphy, 3 WF West

Takeaways: Yeah, go ahead and throw some bulletin board material at W.F. West, they’ve been getting lazy lately. They couldn’t even beat Aberdeen by 60 last week!

2Bs: 1 Ilwaco, 2 Napavine, 3 Davenport, 5 Wahkiakum

Takeaways: Napavine/Ilwaco is a coin toss until the district title game. I’m good with Davenport at 3. The defending state champs deserve a high spot unless they absolutely fall apart. Wahkiakum at 5 is a good sign for Napavine, too.



2As: 1 Anacortes, 2 ML Terrace, 4 Selah, 6 CR, 11 WF West

Takeaways: Does Scoreczar know something I don’t know? I trust the computer, but WF West at 11 seems low. Maybe the overall quality of the EvCo this season (no top 10 teams; Black Hills at 21 is the next EvCo team listed) is hurting their math-stuff. Also, for a good time, check out the Twitter responses to Scoreczar’s stock rankings tweets.

2Bs: 1 Kittitas, 2 Adna, 3 SG, 4 MWP, 5 Toutle, 7 Napavine, 9 Toledo

Takeaways: Everyone seems to agree that Adna’s the best bet in the District 4 tournament and I’m not gonna argue that. The computer likes MWP, too.


2As: 1 WFW, 2 ATM, 3 White River, 4 Washougal, 5 EV-Spokane, 7 Black Hills

Takeaways: Now that’s more like it.

2Bs: 1 Napavine, 2 Ilwaco, 3 Wahkiakum, 4 Life Christian

Takeaways: The computer loves District 4!

The News Tribune


2As: 1 Selah, 2 Foss, 3 Anacortes, 7 WFW, 8 CR

Takeaways: I’m okay with ranking W.F. West outside the top 5, just because they don’t have the same name recognition in basketball that they do in, say, baseball or softball. You gotta EARN that arbitrary ranking!

2Bs: 1 Kittitas, 2 SG, 3 Adna, 4 Toledo, 5 MWP, 6 Napavine, 7 TL

Takeaways: Like most of us, the TNT isn’t quite sure what to do with the C2BL’s top-tier teams.


2As: 1 WFW, 2 ATM, 3 EVS

Takeaways: W.F. West’s two losses were to pretty good teams; Prairie’s ranked #2 in the 3As.

2Bs: 1 Napavine, 2 Ilwaco, 3 La Conner, 4 Wahkiakum, 5 Davenport

Takeaways: Pretty clear westside bias at play here SMDH. PEOPLE FORGET DAVENPORT WON THE STATE TITLE!



2As: 1 Anacortes, 2 Selah, 4 MM, 5 CR, 6 WFW

Takeaways: In this model W.F. West would play #3 Lynden in the regional round and that sounds like fun. Also, I totally though Matt’s tweet about Brandon White dunking was a joke, but it really was his first-ever dunk at home. Reminder:

2Bs: 1 SG, 2 Adna, 3 Toledo, 4 Kittitas, 5 LCA, 6 Liberty, 7 Napavine

Takeaways: Regional matchups would be Adna/Napavine, Toledo/Liberty, Toutle Lake/Winlock (!!!!!), and MWP/Colfax, along with Kittitas/LCA. That, however, could only work if District 4 got like 8 regional berths instead of 5 (the reality). Ah, well. It’s fun to dream.


2As: 1 EVS, 2 ATM, 3 WFW

Takeaways: The regional matchup here would be W.F. West and Black Hills, and by some twist of fate and logic W.F. West now plays Black Hills in every regular season, district, regional and state game forever. Check out the 2018-19 schedule in which the Bearcats and Wolves play all 10 nonleague games against each other!

2Bs: 1 Ilwaco, 2 Davenport, 3 Napavine

Takeaways: The regional matchups at play would be Ilwaco/La Conner and Napavine versus … Wahkiakum! That cracks me up. Get Rob Garrett a gosh-darned bow tie and be done with it.

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