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The Chronicle Sports 2017 Grammy Awards: The Top 25 Instagram Photos of the Year

By Matt Baide

2017 has been quite the year for sports in Lewis County. We had two team state champions (W.F. West, Pe Ell-Willapa Valley softball), some individual champions (Mollie Olson, Conner Locke, Austen Apperson, let me know if I need to add someone to this list) and numerous state placers (Napavine GBB and BBB, Adna/Toledo BBB, WFW GBB, WFW baseball, Napavine baseball, Napavine/Mossyrock volleyball).

When I first started working here almost two years ago, I wasn’t much of a photographer. I had done some photography at my first newspaper job, The Lake Chelan Mirror/Quad City Herald. On my first day at The Chronicle, they asked if I could take photos, I went and shot W.F. West boys basketball with Pete Caster and now the rest is history. I really enjoy writing, but photography is equally as fun for me now.

I was told about The Chronicle’s Instagram account as begun by the late, great Brandon Hansen and Pete (neither are dead, just in Eastern Washington) and just how popular it was, and it has continued to grow since I started posting to it (for reference, our chronicle_photos account has 876 followers, while our chronicle_sports has 2,591 followers).

It’s safe to say the people seem to love our Instagram content, so I thought it was only right to honor the top 25 photos of 2017.

(All photos on the list were posted in 2017. Photo rankings are based on the number of impressions. Impressions are the number of times a post has been seen according to Instagram’s algorithm. List as of Dec. 13, will continue to update until the end of the year.)

Here we go…

25. Instagram Caption: Communication is key in football.

Posted: Aug. 22

Impressions: 2,899

A Mossyrock coach and player collide during a drill at Mossyrock’s preseason football practice.


Caption: Excited for postseason basketball.

Posted: Feb. 6

Impressions: 2,948

Centralia’s bench and student section celebrate after Nick Edwards scores at the buzzer at the end of the third quarter during an Evergreen 2A Conference basketball game against W.F. West in Chehalis.


Caption: Not in my house

Posted: Nov. 30

Impressions: 2,979

W.F. West’s Jordan Thomas swats away a shot from a Steilacoom player during a nonleague boys basketball game in Chehalis.


Caption: Just making buckets and breaking records

Posted: Feb. 18

Impressions: 3,011

Centralia’s Hodges Bailey shoots a 3-pointer in front of Columbia River defenders during the District 4 2A boys basketball tournament 3rd place game at Michael Smith Gymnasium in Centralia. This was the tournament that Hodges scored a lot of points and broke the record in the district playoffs for points scored. If this performance didn’t help Hodges get a truck, I’m not sure if anything will.


Caption: That comeback feeling

Posted: Oct. 10

Impressions: 3,047

W.F. West’s Ashlyn Whalen (12), Ashlee Vadala (10) and Megan Pallas (5) celebrate after scoring a point against Centralia during an Evergreen 2A Conference volleyball match in Chehalis. W.F. West made a comeback to win the match and defeat Centralia for only the second time in 11 years.

19 (tie).

Caption: Handshakes all around for a great LC football season

Posted: Nov. 25

Impressions: 3,084

Napavine’s Garret Shannon (20) shakes hands with a Kalama player in the rain before Napavine faced Kalama in the State 2B Football semifinals at Tiger Stadium. This photo is exactly why I wear bright rain gear to outdoor events (and also to stand out from everyone else).

19 (tie).


Posted: Nov. 11

Impressions: 3,084

Mossyrock’s Andee Nelson puts her hands in the shape of a heart towards the Mossyrock crowd as Nelson is introduced before the State 2B volleyball championship game in Yakima. This day was my most traveled birthday on record, starting at my parent’s house in Richland, covering volleyball in Yakima and driving across White Pass back to the office to write and finish everything during a football Friday. Man I’m getting old…


Caption: Move the chains

Posted: Sept. 9

Impressions: 3,087

Napavine’s Cole Van Wyck points for a first down after a run against Kalama during a SWW 2B football game in Napavine on Saturday. This was on the opening drive for Napavine, and if Cole reads this, I must know: Were you posing for the camera? Because if so, it’s like I read your mind and I’m not sure if I’m going to use my powers for good or evil.


Caption: Leading the break

Posted: March 1

Impressions: 3,104

Napavine’s Melissa Lee leads a fastbreak during the first half of a State 2B Girls Basketball Tournament game on Wednesday evening at the Spokane Arena. This is the lone Pete Caster shot to make the countdown, good thing he’s gone so I get to shoot all the big events now (love you Pete).


Caption: Game face

Posted: Feb. 7

Impressions: 3,113

W.F. West’s Shasta Lofgren goes up for a shot while guarded by Black Hills’ Maisy Williams during an Evergreen 2A Conference girls basketball game in Chehalis. This is just one of some of the great in-game faces I’ve captured throughout my time shooting games.



Posted: Dec. 6

Impressions: 3,123

Toledo’s Haleigh Holmes and Mossyrock’s Shania Hadaller wrestle for the basketball during a Central 2B League basketball game in Toledo. A jump ball was called on the play.

14. Caption: Don’t forget about volleyball season

Posted: Aug. 29

Impressions: 3,163

Megan Pallas (light blue) leaps up to spike the ball during W.F. West volleyball practice in Chehalis.

13. Caption: Our current excitement level for spring sports season

Posted: March 5

Impressions: 3,209

W.F. West’s Megan Pallas (far left), Lexie Strasser (45), Kiara Steen (31), Carly Noble and the rest of the bench get excited on the bench during the State 2A 3rd place game against Black Hills in Yakima.

12. Caption: When you’re waiting for the lights to come on so you can start the game

Posted: Jan. 17

Impressions: 3,406

W.F. West’s Shasta Lofgren (5), Julia Johnson (3), Lexie Strasser (45), Erika Brumfield and Kiara Steen pose for a photo while the game was delayed while waiting for all the gym lights to come on in Chehalis.


Caption: The Chronicle’s 2017 All-Area Baseball Team

Posted: June 5

Impressions: 3,440

The Chronicle’s 2017 All-Area Baseball team poses for a photo at Bearcat Stadium in Chehalis on Monday. Front row (L to R): Centralia’s Hodges Bailey, Napavine’s Sam Fagerness, Napavine’s Mac Fagerness and Pe Ell-Willapa Valley’s Kaelin Jurek. Back row (L to R): Adna’s Isaac Ingle, W.F. West’s Brandon White, W.F. West’s Tyson Guerrero (MVP), W.F. West’s Dakota Hawkins, Tenino’s Rob Wall and Adna’s Spencer Burdick. Not pictured: W.F. West’s Tysen Paul, Toledo’s Dakota Robins


Caption: Basketball season anyone?

Posted: Nov. 27

Impressions: 3,640

W.F. West’s Kiara Steen drives to the hoop between Wapato’s Tarryn Hart (23) and Jade Garza (22) during a state regional girls basketball game at Tumwater High School.

9. Caption: All-Area Basketball Outtakes

Posted: March 9

Impressions: 3,698

Toledo’s Reece Wallace, Adna’s Tanner Rigdon, Napavine’s Wyatt Stanley and Morton-White Pass’ Matt Poquette hold Centralia’s Hodges Bailey during the All-Area Basketball Team photo shoot.


Caption: Push the tempo

Posted: Nov. 28

Impressions: 3,808

W.F. West’s Julia Johnson pushes the ball up the floor following a steal with Erika Brumfield trailing on the play during a girls basketball game against River Ridge in Chehalis.


Caption: The Chronicle’s 2017 All-Area Softball Team

Posted: June 7

Impressions: 3,821

The Chronicle’s All-Area Softball team poses for a photo at Bearcat Stadium in Chehalis on Monday. Back Row (L to R): Rochester’s Delaney Glazer, Pe Ell-Willapa Valley’s Sidney Pollard, PWV’s Britney Patrick, PWV’s Dakota Brooks (Co-MVP), PWV’s Katelyn McGough, PWV’s Grace Hodel and Adna’s Jenikka Poppe. Front Row (L to R): Napavine’s Maddie Thompson, W.F. West’s OJ Dean, W.F. West’s Ashlee Vadala, W.F. West’s Lexie Strasser (Co-MVP), W.F. West’s Paetynn Lopez, W.F. West’s Kindra Davis and Napavine’s Abbi Music. Crouching in front: Onalaska’s Alicia Vint. Not pictured: Morton-White Pass’ Zoe McCoy.


Posted: Nov. 18

Impressions: 3,834

Adna’s Jordyn Swenson poses for a photo while receiving the sportsmanship award following the 3rd/4th place game against Brewster in Sumner. This photo is a recreation of a photo almost exactly a year earlier. (see below)


Caption: The Chronicle’s 2017 All-Area Girls Soccer Team

Posted: Dec. 7

Impressions: 4,055

The Chronicle’s 2017 All-Area Girls Soccer Team. Front Row (From left): Napavine’s Becca Snaza and Sydney Burdick, W.F. West’s Kiara Steen and Lauren Tornow; Second Row: Centralia’s Alayna Miller and Anastasia Ulrigg, Tenino’s Lannie Dowies and Brieanna Dell; Adna’s Payton Aselton, Cierra Swenson and Jordyn Swenson, Rochester’s Hunter Hahn; Back: Winlock’s Cheleena Squibb.


Caption: Friendly rivalry

Posted: Oct. 18

Impressions: 4,579

W.F. West’s Emma Moon and Centralia’s Makayla Erickson hug each other following the Evergreen 2A Conference Cross Country Championship race in Rochester.


Caption: Ballers

Posted: Dec. 4

Impressions: 4,944

Morton-White Pass’ Matt Poquette, Adna’s Cody Young and Toledo’s Reece Wallace pose for a photo during the 2017 Prep Basketball Tab Cover shoot.


Caption: The Chronicle’s 2017 All-Area Volleyball Team

Posted: Nov. 29

Impressions: 6,245

The 2017 Chronicle’s All-Area Volleyball Team: (L to R) Mossyrock’s Jamie Carlson, Paige Moorcroft, Ava Nelson and Stephanie Fried, Napavine’s Melissa Lee and Mollie Olson, W.F. West’s Makenzie Moore and Centralia’s Rachel Wilkerson.


Caption: The Chronicle’s 2017 All-Area Football Team

Posted: Dec. 1

Impressions: 7,085

The Chronicle’s All-Area Football Team. Front Row (L to R): W.F. West’s Ka’imi Henry, Tyson Guerrero, Nole Wollan, Camden Bull and Jack Mallonee; Second Row: Rochester’s Ben Slaymaker, Pe Ell-Willapa Valley’s Tyson Nissell, Bradley Prestegord and Ryan Shepherd, W.F. West’s Wyatt Deskins; Third Row: Napavine’s Noah Lantz, Garret Shannon, Jordan Purvis, Dawson Stanley and Jared McCollum; Fourth Row: Adna’s Brady Collins and Jason Chilcoate, Morton-White Pass’ Carson Lewis and Matt Poquette; Back Row: Toledo’s Keyton Wallace and Hunter Eaton, Onalaska’s Ashton Haight and Johnny Wells. Not Pictured: Centralia’s Jose Pineda and Winlock’s Seth Lindsey.

And there you have it, the top 25 photos of the year. Bring on 2018.

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