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2017 Football: Winlock Senior Loves to Hit No Matter the Score

Seth Lindsey tackles a teammate during a Winlock football practice.

By Jordan Nailon


Seth Lindsey has been on the wrong end of plenty of lopsided football games during his prep career. A four year member of the Winlock football team, Lindsey has battled through a pair of winless campaigns as well as a sophomore season where the Cardinals were only able to best Wahkiakum.

Despite all the losing, Lindsey has never lost his drive to compete and never considered walking away from the game he loves.

Winlock’s Seth Lindsey

“To me I don’t really care what the score is of the game and I don’t really care who we are playing,” said Lindsey, a senior running back and defensive do-it-all. “We could be down 80 points but my goal is still to get the most yards of any other running back. I just set personal goals rather than dread on losing and that keeps me motivated and kind of driving.”

Lindsey has been among the Cardinals leading tacklers and rushers for the last two seasons and he is firmly committed to pacing the team in both categories this year. Whether he’s playing offense or defense, Lindsey says delivering crushing blows to his opponent is his goal on every play.

“That’s probably my favorite part of football is lighting people up,” said Lindsey, who started playing tackle football in second grade. “I’d prefer to run somebody over rather than juke them out or go around them.”

An avid football fan, Lindsey says he has always tried to absorb as much as he can about the sport from as many different sources as possible.

“I watch a lot of college football and I watch the running backs and see how they run, and my dad was an all-state running back (at Montesano) in high school so I learned a lot from him as well, and obiusoluly from our coaching staff,” said Lindsey, who expects to take the bulk of his handoffs out of the fullback position this season and has set a personal goal to reach 2,000 rushing yards.

Defense is a different story. Lindsey’s love of hitting makes him an asset all over the field and this season second year coach Ernie Samples has decided to use a more nuanced approach when it comes to utilizing Lindsey. Sometimes he will line up at noseguard. Other times he will move to tackle. Then there will be plays where he shuffles out to defensive end or drops back with the linebackers.

“I’m kind of just playing wherever. It kind of just depends on the team we’re playing and the offense that they run,” explained Lindsey.

Winlock opens the season with a string of four games against South Bend, Santian (Ore.), Ocosta and Chief Leschi, that many observers have affixed with the good old “winnable” label. Lindsey is hopeful that he and his teammates will be able to take advantage of that favorable early season slate before buckling down to take care of their River Division foes in an effort to hang around the playoff hunt.

“I think the early success would set us up because it would kind of break that curse that everybody seems to think we have. It would give us some morale and hope that we can keep going,” said Lindsey. “We’d be having fun and When you’re having fun you play hard.”

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